Now hats have always been a popular accessory of course. If you need to cover up that dreaded bed-hair, on goes the hat! But there are also plenty of instances where people don’t know when to actually take their head-wear off, and either need to be told, or go through a painfully awkward situation […]

What eye shadow colour to wear

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Well, think of eye shadow as the perfect bit of window dressing while the Tony Hakim Fashion Lovers team show you how to best display your merchandise by letting you in on what eye shadow colour to wear. Before picking a colour, however, make sure […]

Cool T Shirts This Summer

The humble t shirt has always been the staple of our wardrobe, even when we were kids,  and in recent years, they’ve gotten a make-over. From the boho glam of Sass & Bide to the funky pop-culture tees of Redbubble, there is a t shirt that fits your style. The Tony Hakim Fashion Lovers team […]

5 Summer Outfits from Australian Designers

Summer is most definitely here, and we’re ready to debut our summer wardrobes – whilst the rest of the world reaches for their scarves. The Tony Hakim Fashion Lovers team have picked out our favourite Summer outfits from unique and amazing Australian labels that we hope you love as much as we do! Alannah Hill […]

The Best Fashion Photography Books

Fashion photography books are some of the most beautifully edited and published books out there. They are full of beautiful images, and background information, and are enjoyable for everyone, not just fashionistas. The Tony Hakim Fashion Lovers team has pictured out the best fashion photography books for you to enjoy. Tim Walker’s Pictures Tim Walker’s […]