When and When Not to Wear a Hat


Now hats have always been a popular accessory of course. If you need to cover up that dreaded bed-hair, on goes the hat! But there are also plenty of instances where people don’t know when to actually take their head-wear off, and either need to be told, or go through a painfully awkward situation where no one knows whether they should say anything. Have no fear though! Tony Hakim Fashion Lovers is here to let you know when and when not to wear a hat.

When and When Not to Wear a Hat via Tony Hakim Fashion Lovers

Wearing a hat outdoors is perfectly fine. Image via travelettes.net


Of course you can wear your hat outside, that is what they were originally meant for! Wearing your hat outdoors is perfectly fine and you don’t need to worry about that. Regarding indoor areas, wearing a hat in some places should be seen as perfectly normal. If you are in a hotel for example, it shouldn’t be seen as rude to be wearing a hat.

When Not

There are a myriad of places where it is much better to have your hat off rather than on. The general rule is if you are venturing indoors, most of the time the hat should be coming off. Nothing pains us more to than to see someone sitting down to dinner either at home or out at a restaurant with their hat firmly planted on their head.

Always take your hat off at work if you are employed, or inside an office building. No co-worker wants to see you wearing a hat at your desk and you especially don’t want to be wearing one if you are going in for a job interview. Can you imagine that?

When and When Not to Wear a Hat via Tony Hakim Fashion Lovers

Image via wardrobelooks.com

Up in the air

This leads us to one particular instance where it can and cannot be rude to wear a hat. We are talking about in nightclubs. Since hats are quite the popular fashion accessory, it could be wrong to ask patrons to take them off at a place where you want to impress with the latest fashion trends. On the other hand, it is a club at heart, so maybe it is good manners to not wear a hat on a night out.

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